Proposed Rules of Procedure & Agenda

Report of the Treasurer & Proposed 2021 Budget

Proposed Constitutional Amendments


Report on Operations

Rev. Mark Chavez, general secretary, provides a report on operations.

Report from the Executive Council

Report from the NALC Executive Council, presented by Recording Secretary Rev. Melinda Jones.

Report on Certification

Report from Rev. Mark Chavez, general secretary, on the certification of pastors.

Report on Communications

Rev. Andrew Ames Fuller, director of communications, provides a report on communications.

Report of the Commission on Theology & Doctrine

Pastor Maurice Lee, convener of the Commission on Theology & Doctrine, provides a report on behalf of the commission.

Report on Ecumenism

Pastor David Wendel, assistant to the bishop for ministry & ecumenism, provides a report on ecumenism.

Report of the Mission District Deans

Pastor Mark Daniels, convener of the deans, provides a report on behalf of the mission district deans.

Report of the Disaster Response Task Force

For many people, this past year has been a year of confusion and fear. Many of our congregations have found new ways to connect while maintaining physical distance. Many have been creative with how to engage in activities with others.

Report of the Candidacy Committee

Together, we work to support future leaders of the church. In partnership with the bishop, his staff, mission district deans, seminary representatives and internship supervisors, we seek to prayerfully guide qualified candidates as they move through the educational process and discern God’s call to ministry.

Report on the Call Process, PCAT Teams & Interim Ministry

View the Report on the Call Process, Pastoral Care and Transition Teams (PCAT Teams) & Interim Ministry from the Rev. David Wendel, assistant to the bishop for ministry & ecumenism.

Report of the Court of Adjudication

No cases within the Court’s jurisdiction were filed, considered, or decided in the last year. We all are privileged to serve and we stand ready to fulfill the responsibilities assigned by the Constitution to the Court of Adjudication.

Report of the Treasurer & Proposed 2021 Budget

Treasurer, Mr. Ryan Schwarz presents the following report and proposed 2021 budget for approval by the delegates of the 2020 Mission Convocation. 

Proposed Rules of Procedure & Proposed Agenda

The NALC Executive Council presents the following proposed rules of procedure and agenda.

Interim Report of the Nominating Committee

The 2020 Nominating Committee presents the candidates named below for positions to be elected at the August Mission Convocation. We believe that all the individuals named are qualified and would do well in their service if elected.

2020 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The NALC Executive Council met online on April 28-29 and voted to propose to the 2020 Convocation amendments to the NALC Constitution in three areas: 1) move from an annual to a biennial convocation; 2) name regional subdivisions of the NALC as Mission Districts; and 3) clarify the process by which the Executive Council apportions more lay delegates to the convocation so there is approximately an equal number of lay and clergy delegates.


Newly Ordained Pastors

We praise God for these newly ordained NALC pastors.

Recognizing Candidates

Praise God for the calling He has placed on the lives of these candidates.

Recognizing Chaplains

We thank God for the service of our chaplains.

Recognizing Congregational Anniversaries

We thank God for the ministry of these congregations who are celebrating their anniversaries.

Recognizing Ordination Anniversaries

We thank God for the service of these pastors celebrating the anniversary of their ordination.